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Providing business web site design services

At INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd., you will find a company devoted to providing professional, low cost web design services. INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd. wants to provide the services and expertise to turn your small Internet web site concepts into reality.
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Web site design

Professional web site design and publishing services with a level of customization that makes sense for your business needs.

Dynamic web site interface development / consulting that can provide interactive web page, which can include e-commerce and form processing, to your web site,
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Web site hosting

Reliable and cost effective web site hosting that meets your web site needs. All administration and technical problem solving expertise is included
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Web Site Maintenance

Maintenance service contracts to provide publishing updates to content and context as needed. Our maintenance contracts free up your own staff from having to have the expertise on updating your web site. Analysis of your web site will be provided to understand your current web site traffic during the maintenance contract period.
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DNS record registry

Our DNS registry services walk your company through the process of selecting and registering your “web site name”
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