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Until you commit to us, we do not charge you a dime

As a potential client of INTER-connected, we will do everything possible to convince you that we are the best company for your web site design services. If during the “prototyping” stage of your web site design your company does not feel that we are “getting it”, then you do not owe us a single dime. We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied that INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd. understands your web site design services needs before any money is exchanged. This is our commitment to your company.

Our Commitment to You

What will your web site design services cost?

INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd. provides the small business owner a full set of web design services and expertise at a reasonable cost. Listed below are costs associated with our typical design and maintenance services. INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd. is committed to providing your company the highest quality web site design solution at the lowest cost. After understanding your web site design services needs, INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd. will provide a customized, cost effective solution for your company.

Web site design pricing

For each web site that is designed by INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd., we will provide an invoice that lists the specific costs of all elements of your web site design solution. On an average:

  • Web site design services can range from $500.00 - $2,500 (or more) depending on the size and complexity of the project.
    • A $500 - $1,000 range is most common for web site design services provided to our clients.

Web site maintenance contracts

One of the biggest benefits of a web site is that it is a “living” document that can be updated (modified) in a quick and easy manner. Not to take advantage of this aspect would defeat the purpose of having a web site. INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd. provides two options for web site maintenance contracts:

  • $100 / month for unlimited amount of updates to the web site. (This option must be paid for a year in advance)
  • $75.00 / hour for unlimited amount of updates to the web site. This will be billed on a per job basis with a minimum of 1 hour being billed per update with a processing fee of $15.00 / bill.

Web site hosting plans

Depending on your web site design needs, the hosting plans can vary greatly per year. All costs associated with this service include all administrative and technical support related with the hosting plan. A full range of hosting services can be provided from shared to fully private servers.

Special Pricing Discounts for Non-Profit Organizations

If you are a non-profit organization, please contact us for our discounted pricing plans.

At INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd., we commit our services and expertise to provide you the best overall web site design solution. We commit ourselves to listen to your needs and provide your company a quality product in a reasonable timeframe.

All the web site maintenance plans come with a commitment to post your updates within 2 business days. Most of your updates will be posted on the same business day that you have made the request in our efforts to exceed your expectations.

THE PROJECT DEVELOPMENT & HOSTING MASTER AGREEMENT lists in detail the general agreement between INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd. and your company and our commitment to our services.

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