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Working for the business owner

At INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd., you will find a company devoted to providing professional, low cost web design services specifically for the business owner. INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd. wants to provide the services and expertise to turn your businesses Internet web site concepts into reality. All at a price that your business can afford. We have compiled a set of services that can save you a great deal of money in your web site design.

Our business model is simple:

  • Where ever possible use integration and customization of existing web site design products to provide a cost effective approach in providing your web site design services.

Whenever possible, we will try to initiate your design services from an existing product and apply the necessary integration and customization to the product to make it individually yours. This business model allows for a faster turn around in providing your web site at a lower cost - compared to “designing from scratch”.

Small Town Values

About our company

INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd. is a central Ohio based company. The company is located in the City of New Albany, Ohio, an extremely beautiful community to live and work in that is on the north east side of Columbus, Ohio (located only 15 minutes from downtown Columbus). From this tight-knit community, INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd. has gained its appreciation of providing high quality professional web design services at a very reasonable cost.


Our company is based on small town values. We provide our clients the care they need and deserve. Our business concepts are based on “being employees of your company”. We will provide you the needed web site design services to make sure your company can succeed.


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