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Providing small business web site design services

As a client of INTER-connected, you are treated as the “owner” of your web site and the design services that are provided. INTER-connected will respect any and all decisions related towards the needs of the web design services. If you decide not to use the web design services anymore, you still will own the web site and content. This means that the web site name and content is your to keep and do with as needed. There is no “hijacking” of your web address or your content to keep you as a client. INTER-connected provides a client the highest quality of service at the most reasonable pricing as the incentive to stay with our business.

Our Philosophy

Web site design services

Your web site may be the first contact you have with a perspective client, and that first impression will say a lot about your company.

INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd. provides the business owner a full set of web design services and expertise at a reasonable cost:

  • Professional web site design and publishing with a level of customization that makes sense for your business needs,
  • Dynamic web site interface development / consulting that can provide interactive web page, which can include e-commerce and form processing, to your web site,
  • Maintenance service contracts to provide publishing updates to content and context as needed

The bullet items listed above are only the major web design service categories that INTER-connected will provide your small business. If your business needs a new web site or the web site needs to be upgraded, INTER-connected can provide the expertise to complete the assignment while at the same time freeing up your employees to concentrate on the business at hand.

INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd. will also recommend to business clients an array of cost effective alternatives to developing new customized services when and where appropriate. The main goal of INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd. is to provide the business owner a set of professional Internet services that is within their budget. These web design services are flexible in their packaging to allow for change / growth to meet the changes / growth in your business.

Since INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd. is specifically targeting the small business market, the services provided are flexible and can be customized to meet each specific client. INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd. does not try to form fit every small business client into a “cookie cutter” type of arrangement. Each client is treated as an individual, and because of that fact, INTER-connected will work with you to design an informative, attractive, and easy-to-navigate web site, using our expertise in web site design / development to make sure that your web site fits your needs and satisfies your design ideas. Each client of INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd. has a slightly different need related to a web site. Some clients need little to no customization while others need a full customization to make their web site work for them. Each of the service packages are as individual as the clients. As a small business, INTER-connected understands the need to control costs. It is a primary goal to provide the client the web site they seek at the price they can afford.

At INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd., we look at ourselves as extended employees of your company. We keep our clients by providing them the best services possible for their budget.

INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd. bases its design principles of making it as simple as possible, but not simpler. Keep down costs to the clients by integrating existing services into the solution where possible. Provide a professional, customized web site design solution at a “cookie cutter” design cost that other web site design companies would charge.

Everything that we design and implement for your company is yours. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If for any reason you are not satisfied with INTER-connected Web Designs, Ltd., we will do everything we can to transition your web site to your new provider at no cost to you. This is an extension of our overall philosophy that we are employees of your company, and we will provide you a web site that will help in the success of your company. We are committed in seeing your company succeed.

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